Many mediation services in the Midlands are only able to deliver their services through the effort and dedication brought by teams of highly trained volunteers.

As well as bringing expertise and experience from all walks of life into their mediation work, they take their conflict management skills back into their workplaces, homes and communities.

Being a Volunteer is an excellent opportunity to improve your employability, enhance your career or simply gain a new skill.

If you think you would like to become a Volunteer Mediator, contact your nearest mediation service to find out what opportunities they may have. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact us and someone in the Network may be able to help.

To help you further, we have a number of quotes from Volunteer Mediators below explaining what being a Volunteer Mediator means to them

"When you're giving out positive messages to people about looking to the future, having hope, facing your fears, that positive message rubs off on you. When you're asking people to change, change happens in you".

"I'm aware of the way I treat people in ordinary life now. I'm not judgmental, I look behind what I see - it's made a big difference to me - I don't jump to conclusions about people anymore."

"Teaches you self acceptance and to accept that apparently small things are real problems to others. You learn to accept their hurts."

"It's given me more self confidence."

"We get a feeling of self-worth by doing this work - it's a very positive experience."

"The training helps you be more open and direct, to be able to get to the point. You sometimes have to do the uncomfortable, but are glad when you've been able to do it!"

"We learned that we had to be able to form a relationship with the parties in dispute, be non-judgemental and be prepared to work in that difficult area where emotions meet logic!"

Midlands Mediation Network encourages its members to be properly trained with a relevant or accredited training scheme. It promotes continuous updating of skills and practices and ongoing supervision and support for new and experienced mediators.