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David Liddle – TMC

“It is great to see that the Midlands Mediation Network is still going strong. I set the network up 20 years ago and it is great to see it is still empowering mediators working across the midlands. Good work and I wish everyone at the network well".

The Network is planning some exciting events for July & September 2016!

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Community Mediation Services and Community Mediators – take a look at this

Published on Jun 10, 2015

Following academic research (Stokoe, 2011; 2013a; 2013b) on barriers to mediation, and feedback from community mediators, this work follows on from the family mediation Prezi developed with the MoJ in 2014. The text and images use key phrases to encourage people to attend mediation.


EXTRA! EXTRA! We're in the Wall Street Journal

An article about community mediation in New York USA:

Published on 18 Aug 2013

In this insightful talk, Brad Heckman discusses mindfulness in conflict mediation. Using poignant humor and his own hand-drawn illustrations, Heckman effectively communicates the necessary balance of emotions, relief and reflection that mindfulness supports in the mediation process.

Brad Heckman is the founder and CEO of the New York Peace Institute and is committed to helping people resolve conflicts by finding creative, durable, and peaceful solutions.