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The continuing economic downturn highlights considerable challenges for Mediation Services across the country. Over the last twelve months, many services have ceased to be and many others face uncertain futures.

The Midlands Mediation Network has its part to play in helping its members to overcome those challenges and continue to promote a wider understanding of the appropriate use of mediation and other related forms of conflict management and prevention and to raise awareness and provide a responsive, sustainable and accessible service for all.

The Network aims to support and promote education, training and research in skills and best practice and to organise standards of professional conduct and training and to be a centre of excellence for skilled professional mediators in the Midlands.

The Network has an annual programme of workshops seminars. The agenda and purpose of the meetings are as relevant as possible to the needs of the core membership and encourage effective development and sharing of information and best practice within all aspects of mediation across Central England.

Many Mediation and Conflict Resolution services are not large organisations and work with limited funding. The Midlands Mediation Network can give those organisations help, support and development opportunities.

I want to encourage all existing members to support the Network at Network Events. Currently there is no National body that is inclusive and represents all types of mediation. The MMN is an inclusive network; we are a member led regional organisation that has been established for many years and that is our strength.

We have a vibrant Management Group who plan the network day themes and is always looking for members to join the group. The Network runs four Network Days annually, with themed informative and educational workshops aimed at the continuing development of mediation and mediation practices.

For details of all future Network Day Workshops please visit the website Events Page .

David Clifton, Chair - Midlands Mediation Network – May 2016


Mission Statement

The Midlands Mediation Network is

an inclusive forum of interested parties committed to working together to raise the profile of mediation as a positive means of resolving conflict. The forum will act to ensure the effective development and sharing of information and good practice within all aspects of mediation across the East and West Midlands.

Brief History

The Midlands Mediation Network is a well established Network for all disciplines of mediation and has operated in the East and West Midlands since 1997*. During that time the Network has worked with government and national bodies to promote mediation as a cost effective way of dealing with conflict. We have fed into surveys about what is happening on the front line and has offered support to mediation services through turbulent times when funding is not always forthcoming.

The Network has seen mediation through what can only be described as a ‘roller coaster’ time over the past fifteen years when is has been the best thing since sliced bread to lets concentrate on Anti Social Behaviour and not the relationship / communication between individuals back again to let us try mediation and getting individuals to take control of their lives. We are now seeing mediation being promoted by the Ministry of Justice to reduce the courts involvement in divorce and neighbour disputes.

We have always welcomed all disciplines and been open to helping mediators and mediation services develop their practice and even develop new and exciting ways of using mediation.

The Midlands Mediation Network encourages its members to be properly trained with a relevant or accredited training scheme. It promotes continuous updating of skills and practices and ongoing supervision and support for new and experienced mediators.

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact us for more information.



1.1 Identify and meet the individual aims of all members.
1.2 Develop professionalism of local/regional service delivery and develop agreed practice standards across the region.
1.3 Provide clearly focussed, relevant and accessible support to all members.
1.4 Promote and provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience.
1.5 Act as a means of promoting mediation locally and regionally.
1.6 Ensure that individuals, communities and other agencies are educated as to the process and benefits of mediation.
1.7 Ensure effective liaison between the network and its local services with external agencies, other professions and other relevant structures and networks.
1.8 Maintain and promote the importance of independence of local services and mediators.
2.1 The Midlands Mediation Network (MMN) shall be open to those actively involved in mediation.
2.2 MMN has the right to charge a membership fee at a rate approved by the MMN Membership.
2.3 All members or organisations shall have one vote at any meeting.
2.4 In the event that MMN feel the conduct of a member is not consistent with the objectives set out in (1) above then MMN reserve the right to disbar the member.
2.5 In the event that MMN ceases to exist any assets will be divided equally amongst its current members.
Meetings and election of Officers
3.1 MMN shall have a democratically elected committee.
3.2 The Committee shall be a maximum of 8 and include of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
3.3 In the event of any of the Committee ceasing to be a member of MMN then they will be required to leave the Committee with immediate effect and a successor found.
3.4 All positions on the Committee shall be for a period of two years. Each post may only be held for a maximum of two terms.
3.5 Elections shall take place at the AGM each year.
3.6 Each nomination for a position on the Committee shall be made in writing to the Secretary no later than 7 days before the AGM. Each nomination shall be proposed and seconded by current members.
3.7 The Secretary shall notify all members of the AGM giving at least 28 days due notice of the meeting. The notification shall include the agenda for the meeting as well as the time and location.
3.8 A quorum of 5 members needs to be present for the AGM to take place and the Chair shall have the casting vote.
3.9 In the event of the need for a Special General Meeting a minimum of 7 days notice will be given to the membership.
Officers & Members
4.1 Open and fair procedures will be used to commission works for and on behalf of MMN. Members must declare their interest and not be part of the decision process.
4.2 Any officer or member is entitled to claim expenses actually and necessarily incurred on behalf of MMN so long as it is approved by the Committee. The payment should be duly noted in the MMN accounts by the Treasurer.
5.1 The Treasurer shall present for approval of the AGM the accounts for the previous year (or part thereof up to 30th December of the previous year).
5.2 The Treasurer shall maintain a register of assets.
Agreed by the members present at the AGM April 17th 2013

Committee Members Details

Chair: David Clifton Tel: 01214646560
Vice-Chair: TBC
IT Co-ordinator: Paul Gadd Advanced Technology & Innovation Centre, Loughborough University, 5 Oakwood Drive, Loughborough. LE11 3QF Tel: 01509 556130
Secretary: Dawn Partington Broxtowe Borough Mediation Service, Ground Floor, Council Offices, Foster Avenue, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 1AB Tel: 0115 9173057
Treasurer: Steve Fletcher Premier Mediation Ltd. 33 St Kenelms Ave, Hayley Green, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 1DW Tel: 0121 5505566 and 07973659886
Marketing Co-ordinator: Laura Kirkpatrick Mediation Services Manchester, PO Box 532, Manchester, M60 2LA. Tel – 0161 234 4620- Email: Web:
Planning Committee Member: Jane Blair Wolverhampton Mediation Service, Safer Wolverhampton Partnership, Red Lion Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1UY Tel: 01902552792
Events Co-ordinator:Karena Ellis Greenway Green Chameleon Survey and Mediation Services
The Green Room
31 Manor Road
CV33 9HY
Tel: 01926612121
Mob: 07796575716

Member Details

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